Cámaras KURO de Princeton Instruments

Breakthrough, Back-illuminated Scientific CMOS Cameras

Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce its KURO, the world’s first scientific CMOS camera system to implement back-illuminated sensor technology. Until now, this key technology had been leveraged almost exclusively by CCD camera systems, which despite their excellent sensitivity are unable to match CMOS frame rates. Front-illuminated CMOS cameras, meanwhile, cannot meet the high-sensitivity requirements of today’s ultra-low-light scientific imaging and spectroscopy applications. The KURO camera, however, delivers both the fast frame rates and the exceptional sensitivity needed for applications such as hyperspectral imaging, astronomy, cold-atom imaging, quantum imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy, and high-speed spectroscopy, all whilst eliminating the drawbacks commonly associated with front-illuminated scientific CMOS cameras.

KURO sCMOS camera systems include the following key features:

  • Back-illuminated sCMOS detector with >95% peak QE
  • Reduced fixed-pattern noise
  • High speed and low read noise
  • No microlenses on pixels
  • Large pixels and wide dynamic range
  • Flexible trigger modes
  • Optimized for spectroscopy
Imaging Models Imaging Array Sensor Type Pixel Size Peak QE
KURO 1200Bdatasheet pdf 1200 x 1200 Back-illuminated scientific CMOS 11.0 x 11.0 µm view QE data below