Cámaras Quad-RO de Princeton Instruments

Quad-RO-cameraLarge-Format CCD Cameras for X-Ray Diffraction Imaging

Princeton Instruments, the world’s leading developer and supplier of ultra-low-noise, deep-cooled scientific CCD cameras, is pleased to offer our popular Quad-RO series for indirect imaging of x-rays. Using a variety of phosphor screens, these thermoelectrically cooled, large-image-area, 4-readout-port cameras delivers optimized performance and impressive application flexibility in the x-ray energy range from ~3 KeV to >20 KeV.


Imaging Array

Pixel Size

Energy Range
(3.5 kev – > 150kev

QE at 550 nm



24 x 24 µm

Optimized using
custom scintillator