Cámaras SOPHIA de Princeton Instruments

SOPHIANext-Generation, Ultra-Low-Noise CCD Cameras

Princeton Instruments is pleased to present SOPHIA, our most advanced line of ultra-low-noise scientific cameras yet. SOPHIA integrates precisely engineered ultra-low-noise electronics, state-of-the-art software, and proprietary new ArcTec thermoelectric cooling technology. ArcTec utilizes extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, an all-metal hermetic vacuum design, and custom-developed Peltier devices to achieve unprecedented cooling performance and reliability. The speed and sensitivity of the SOPHIA series make these cameras ideal for low-light-level research applications as diverse as photometry, chemiluminescence, astronomy, in vivo small-animal imaging, and spectroscopy. In order to facilitate soft x-ray detection, one of the camera variants (i.e., the SOPHIA-XO) uses no antireflective coatings and employs an open-nose design.

Nombre Resol. Sensor Temp. Pixel Área Bit
Ruido Inter.
SOPHIA: 2048B eXcelon 2048 x 2048 BI CCD <-90°C 15×15µm 16 4.5 e- USB3.0
SOPHIA: 2048B 2048 x 2048 BI CCD <-90°C 15×15µm 16 4.5 e- USB3.0