Optical Tables

Optical Tables


Optical Table



1HT – Honeycomb Table Tops

Honeycomb Table Tops 1HT provide the base on which precision optical and laser work is performed.


1HB – Honeycomb Breadboards

Provide a particularly effective way to expand the useful area of optical table.


1HB-AL – Optical Breadboards: Honeycomb, Aluminum, Anodized

Low-weight aluminum honeycomb optical breadboards with black anodized top surface. Non-magnetic


1B-AL – Aluminium Breadboards

Breadboards with optional grooves. Custom sizes available on request.


1BS-2040-015 – Solid Steel Breadboard

Breadboard 1BS-2040-015 is an alternative to the optical table tops


1HT-NM – Non-Magnetic Optical Tables

Non-magnetic models of our standard designs


Vibration isolation and supports



1VIS22 – Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System

Excellent vertical and horizontal vibration isolation. Load per isolator 1000 kg


1VIS10 – Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System

Vertical resonance frequency: 1.5 Hz (average load), Horizontal resonance frequency: 1.7 Hz (average load)


1VIS10W – Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation

The system consists of Honeycomb Table Top, Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System and a guarding Armrest.


1TS – Optical Table Supports

Are primarily designed for any size optical tables.


Active Vibration Isolation


1TS 140 

1TS-140 – Active Vibration Isolation System

Dynamic Isolation 0.7 Hz to 1kHZ, purely passive beyond 1kHz….

 1TS 140W

1TS-140W – Active Vibration Isolation Workstation

Those systems offer a solution, which combines stiffness with a very short settling time.


1TS-AVI200S/LP – Active Vibration Isolation System

This moderately priced dynamic vibration isolation system achieves in a very small volume better isolation than is possible with the biggest and most expensive passive systems.





1C – Table Connectors

Render quick and reliable way to link optical tables together


1LS52 – Laser Shelves

Mount lasers and other equipment beneath an optical table.


1PS98 – Protective Screen

Designed to protect an optical setup from disturbances. Easy to use on optical tables.


1IS – Instrument Shelves

Provide convenient off-the-table mounting and storage for power supplies, controllers, oscilloscopes and other instruments above optical tables.


1LDR – Laboratory Device Rack

A place for 250 kg of your hardware


Laminar Flow Modules



1CB – Laminar Tabletop Workstation

99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm