Base Positioners

Base Positioners


Single-axis Tilt Stage



6TS62(72) – Tilt Stage

Provides tilt range of 6° with 6 µrad sensitivity. The platform has three mounting holes.


Multi-axis Tilt Bases



6TP116 – Multi-Axis Tilt Platform

148x92x33mm. Angular adjustment about two axes: ±2° tilt, ±2.5° rotation.


6PT169 – Three Angle Prism / Beamsplitter Table

Provides non-calibrated tilt motion in three planes but with common center of rotation. Mounts horizontally or vertically. For precision alignment of prisms, beamsplitters.


6PT110 – Tilt / Rotation Stage

Provides two independent tilt adjustments within ±5° range and ±5° in-plane rotation adjustment. Precision screws provide 9 arcsec resolution.


6LH – Adjustable Laser / Laser Head Holder

Used for repeatable mounting and drift-free pointing of laser heads and other cylindrical objects.


6TP-125 – Tilt Platform

Tilt ±1.8°

 6TP116 001 6TP116-001 – Multi Axis Tilt Platform

6TS29-21 – Tilt Stage

Tilt x ±3°, Tilt y ±3°, Load capacity 1.5kg


6TTR600 – Large Multi-Axis Platform

For heavy large mirrors…


7FA3 – Roll & Pitch Platform

Travel in z axis: -2 mm, +4 mm, Travel roll, pitch ±4°, Resolution 10 arcsec


7FA5 – Pitch & Yaw Platform

Yaw ±4°, Pitch ±3°, Resolution 10 arcsec


Kinematic Base



6KB – Kinematic Bases

Kinematic base is used for repeated positioning of groups of units mounted on its platform.


6MKB175 – Magnetic Kinematic Base

The platform is replaced with a repeatability of a micro-radian.