Fine Adjustment Screws

Fine Adjustment Screws





9SM127M – High-Resolution Micrometers

5, 10 mm travel. 0.25 pitch thread. Very high resolution. Graduated in 2.5µm. Ball pointed. Mounts on M10 holes.


9S35 – Mini Micrometers

6.35 mm (1/4″) travel. Ø9.3mm knob. These screws are designed for small stages.


9S55 – Thin Micrometers

5, 10 mm travel. Ø13 mm knob. Adjustment screws of very high-precision and compact size.


9S75M-AL – Micrometers

5, 10, 20, 25, 50 mm travel. Ø16mm knobs. Graduated in 10µm. Ball pointed. Mount on M10 holes.


Fine Screws



9S65M – Fine Closed Screw

10 mm travel range. Ø16mm knob. Offers high 1µm resolution and smooth movement.


9S67 – Compact Fine Screws

About 7mm travel. Ø12mm knobs. Precise ball pointed driving screws. 30 and 32mm long. Mount on Ø8 or M10 holes. Low profile and compact.


9S7, 9S7C – Adjustment Screws

8 and 18 mm travel. Ø10mm knob. Low cost basic screws. Ball pointed. 32 and 42mm long


Ultra Fine Screws



9S127 – Ultra-Fine Adjustment Screws

5, 7, 10, 25 mm travel. Are compact and provide extremely high resolution.


9SH127 – Ultra-Fine Hex Adjustment Screws

5, 7, 10, 25 mm travel. Are extremely precise. A screw is composed of a 0.25 pitch stainless steel screw and a brass collar.





9SH137, 9SH147 – Fine Hex Adjustment Screws

5 mm travel or any other on request. A small (M3 or M4), fine, fixing nut is available for screws with threaded collar.


Industrial Screws



9MT – Industrial Custom Taps & Wrench

Tool set used to make custom holes for industrial quality adjustment screws


9SH67 – Industrial Adjustments Screws

Industrial quality screws


Accessories for Hex Screws



9RK127 – Removable Knob

A Ø16mm knob with a hex key for hex screws.