Optical Positioners

Optical Positioners


Stainless steel kinematic mounts



5KVDOM-05 – Kinematic Vertical Drive Optical Mount

Total stainless steel, precision and long-term stability 0.5″ (12.7 mm) optics


5VDOM-1 – Vertical Drive Optical Mount

designed to minimize mount-induced wavefront distortions. 1″ (25.4 mm) optics

5VDOM 1-5 

5VDOM-1.5 – Vertical Drive Optical Mount

designed to minimize mount-induced wavefront distortions. 1.5″ (38.1 mm) optics


5KVDOM-2 – Kinematic Super Stable Optical Mount

designed to minimize mount-induced wavefront distortions 2″ ( 50.8 mm) optics


5KVDOM-3 – Kinematic Super Stable Mirror Mount

designed to minimize mount-induced wavefront distortions 3″ ( 76.2 mm) optics


Gimbal Mounts



5GM25T-1 – Gimbal Mount

±2.5° angular range. True gimbal design. Graduated adjustment knobs. 1″ (25.4 mm) optics. Hardened steel drive for stability. Lightweight aluminium body.





5F21-1 – Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount

Flips 1″ optics in and out of the experiment


5F21-2 – Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount

Flip 50.8 mm (2 inch) optics in and out of the optical scheme. 49 mm clear aperture. Open edge. Tilt/tip range 9°. Repeatability 20 µrad.


5F23 – Miniature Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount

For 12.7 mm (0.5 inch) and 25.4 (1 inch) diameter optics Flip optics in and out of the optical scheme


2/3 axis tilt/translation mounts



5MBM24 – Kinematic Mirror mount

Sensitivity of 3 arcsec and 1 µm. 1”, 2”, 3” Inches apertures. Tilt range 9° (about two axes).


5MBM23-05-3SH – Miniature Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount

For 12.7 mm (0.5 inch) diameter optics. Tilt/tip range 14°. Travel – 4mm. Kinematic design.


5MBM22S(P) – Mirror Mount

1 inch optics. Appealing design. Hard seats of steel or sapphire under driving screws.


5MBM21-1 – Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts

1-inch optics. Precise and handy adjustments, those angular in two orthogonal planes, and linear


5OM60, 5OM61 – Precision and High Stability Optics Mounts

Are universal, durable, and render very stable adjustment. See more description inside.


5BM57 – Large Aperture Mounts

1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 inch aperture mounts that ideal for precision adjustment.


5FM57 – Optical Filters Mount

Provides fixation and adjustment for up to 6 filters.


5OM37 – Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts

Two types of mounts with 0-28 mm and 22-52 mm aperture are used


5OM37-TPF – Two Angular Fine Adjustment Mounts


5OM38 – Polarization Optics Mount

Provides 360° rotation around the optical axis. Tilt at 9° range, with sensitivity of 5 arcsec.


5PM57 – Prism Mount

Has a platform and allows holding wider optics.

 5PMF57  5PMF57 – Universal Prism / Optics Mount

Combination of a platform for wider optics and additional filter holder.


Polarizer holders



5APH59T-1 – Adjustable Polarizer Holders

For Ø1″ (25.4 mm) optics. High stability L-shaped flat spring. Tilt/tip range ±2°.


5APH69T-1 , 5APH79T-1 – Kinematic Adjustable Polarizer Holder of Side Drive / Double Optical Mount

For Ø1″ (25.4 mm) optics. Kinematic design. Tilt/tip range ±2°


5PH50 – Polarizer Holders

For Ø1″, Ø2″, Ø3″ optics. Two scales for applications with limited space


5PH51 – Polarizer Holder

For Ø1″ and Ø2″ optics. Continuous 360° rotation. Scale reset option available


5PHH50-1 – Polarizer Holder

For Ø1″ (25.4 mm) optics. Polarizer may be transformed into a rotation stage.


5PPH50-1 – High Precision Rotation Mount

For Ø1″ (25.4 mm) optics. 360° continuous rotation. ±5° of fine rotation when locked


2 axis tilt mounts



5BM121 – Beamsplitters/Optics Mount

Is designed for adjustments of beamsplitters. The aperture has a rest-flange around its edge designed to stop optics inside.


5BM131 – Beamsplitter / Mirror Mount

For 1 inch optics. Precision kinematic control is provided by M6x0.25 screws.


5BM141 – Mirror Optical Mount

On one side the edge of the optics stays clear. Helps in dense optical schemes.


5LAM124 , 5LAM124-2 – Large Aperture Optical Mounts

On their platforms are Ø31.8 mm or Ø50 mm apertures. They are designed for precise orthogonal adjustment of mirrors.


 5OBM119 – Objective Mount

Is used for precise adjustments of standard microscope objective lenses and ensures low-cost positioning of a focus point.


5UM122 – Mirror Mount / Platform

Is suited for precise adjustments of standard mirrors that can be directly bound to it, also used in horizontal position as a tilt table.


Precision Optical Mounts of Side Control (Series T)



5OBM119T – Objective Mounts

For precise adjustments of standard microscope objective lenses and ensures low-cost positioning of a focus point


5BM121T – Beamsplitters / Optics Mount

Is designed to adjust beamsplitters measuring Ø25 mm. Fixing screw with a plastic tip clutches a beamsplitter against stainless steel rests.


5LAM124T – Large Aperture Optical Mount

The Large Aperture Optical Mount 5LAM124T on its platform has Ø31.8 mm aperture and three M4 mounting holes. It is designed for precise orthogonal adjustment of mirrors.


5UM122T – Universal Mirror Mount / Platform

The mount may also be used in horizontal position as a tilt table. Then it can be used to align opto-mechanics around two axes.


Mirror Mounts/Tilt Platforms of Side Drive



5BM59T-1 – Beamsplitter Mount of Side Drive

Original stabilized L-shaped flat spring. Appealing design. Pick-hollows ease lifting of 1″ optics by fingers. Tilt/tip travel range ±2°.


5BM69T-1 , 5BM79T-1 – Kinematic Optical Mount of Side Drive / Kinematic Double Optical Mount of Side Drive

Dimensions most compact among 1-inch optics mounts. Tilt/tip range ±2°. Sensitivity 3 arcsec.


5OM101T – Miniature Tilt/Rotation Mount of Side Control

Compact design for dense optical schemes. Stable design.


5OM10T – Small Optical Mount of Side Drive

Tilt/tip ±5° about two orthogonal axes. Hardened seats under driving screws. Sensitivity 10 arcsec


5OM122T, 5OM122TE – Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation

Enables to greatly increase the thickness of optical elements as it has a convenient access to the regulation handles


Miniature Precision Mirror Mounts



5CM123 – Compact Mirror Mount

The extremely small mount has small driving screws with a hexagonal head or a hexagonal keyhole.


5LSM110 – Mirror Mounts with Locking Screws

Are provided with extended back for convenient mounting in the horizontal or vertical position.


5OM111 – Mirror / Optics Mount

Provides smooth and precise adjustment with sensitivity of 10 arcsec.


Special Positioners



5AM-250 – Precise Adjustment Kinematic Mount for Large Optics

2 or 3 axis, Tilt/tip travel range ±1,5°, Optics diameter 115÷250 mm, Sensitivity 0.5 arcsec, Load capacity 6 kg


5AMR-500 – Adjustable Optical Mount for Large Heavy Mirrors

For any optics size from 300 to 500 mm in Ø with weights up to 30 kg. 300 mm clear aperture; tilt range >3°, high precision & stability.

 5AM Self

5AM – Self-centering Large Aperture Optical Mount

5-100mm optics diameter range. Additional translation possibility through X axis in the range of 25 mm


5KOM – Five-Axis Optical Mounts

Compact design, 4-axis equipped with 100TPI driving screws, fifth axis goes as zoom option.


5KOMA1 – Adapter For Optics

Adapter 5KOMA1 is used with 5KOM5-1, 5KOM5F-1 and 5TOM3-1 for mounting the objects having M27x1 thread from the backside of the mount.


5LAOM – Large Aperture Optical Mount

360 coarse rotation and 4° fine rotation. 150 kg load! High thermal and vibration stability. Near zero Backlash


5TLM – Y-Z Positioners (Lens, Pinholes, Objectives)

Travel range 3 mm. The movable carriage could accept Ø25,4 optics up to 9mm thick.


5TOM – Translation Optical Mount

±2 mm translation range. Compact, stable, high sensitivity, smooth motion.


5VT173-25 – Adjustable Height Platform

Stable vertical translation of 25mm travel. It allows defining the height of a platform with 20 µm sensitivity.


5ZYP – Y-Z Positioner for Lens, Pinholes and Objectives

Are compact mounts designed to precisely position optical components in the plane orthogonal to the optical axis.


 5ZYPS – Self-made Pinholes Y-Z Mount

has two screws to adjust the pinhole about two axes in 5 mm range. On request we supply pinholes.


Budget Kinematic Optical Mounts



5PM131 – Prism/Optics Mount

provides basic mounting for prisms, beamsplitter, cubes and etc


5UM131 – Universal Platform Mount

Designed for precise adjustments of various optical components which can be directly bound to it