The pE-100 series is a mercury-free family of compact and simple to use LED illumination systems which can be configured to deliver light directly to a microscope, or via a liquid light guide or multimode fiber. Systems can be specified at any one of 20 different LED wavelengths.

Operation is by a remote manual control pod with instant on/off and intensity control from 0-100%. Remote control is available via a TTL trigger.

The system has been developed for applications requiring a single LED excitation wavelength. The user can select from 20 different LED wavelengths, ranging from the near-UV at 365nm to the near-IR at 770nm.  The system comprises a pE-100 LED Light Source, control pod, and power supply.


There are three standard pE-100 configuration options:

Direct-fit (pE-100) for connecting to a microscope by selecting from a range of microscope adaptors  which covers all current and most older models.  A simple once only adjustment will allow optimisation to the optical path of the microscope.

Liquid Light Guide (pE-100light guide) with a fixed 3mm diameter, liquid light guide

Fiber (pE-100fiber) with an SMA connection for accepting multimode fibers.  The pE-100fiber has been designed with efficient coupling into a wide range of multimode fibers.  The pE-100fiber also includes excitation filter holders.

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