pE-2-CoolLEDThe pE-2 is a fluorescence LED illumination system which provides repeatable and controllable light with a choice of 20 different LED peaks. It is perfect for the researcher who has a specific set of tests to conduct. The user can specify a wavelength configuration matched to their particular fluorescence requirements. It is modular, allowing LED wavelengths to be exchanged as requirements vary or additional experiments are added. Manual control is via a remote control pod with instant on/off and intensity control from 0-100%. Additionally, the system is fully integrated under many imaging software packages.

Recent developments in LED technology have enabled increased intensity in what was historically the weaker green-yellow-red (“GYR”) region of the LED spectrum. A new wide spectrum GYR LAM is now available and can readily be fitted to new and existing pE-2 systems. The graph below shows the greater comparative intensity of this LAM over the previous LED wavelengths available for this spectral region.


With an expected lifetime in excess of 25,000 on hours and a comprehensive range of LED wavelengths and microscope adaptors, the pE-2 can be fitted to most current and older microscopes and operate for many years without aligning or replacing bulbs. The result is a versatile and configurable fluorescence illumination system without any additional operating costs.

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