Espectrometro Raman Acton LS


Acton LS Series

High-Throughput NIR Spectrometers

The Acton Series LS-785 is a high-throughput, lens-based spectrograph ideal for near-IR spectroscopy. It features a fast f/2 optical system with proprietary AR-coated lenses for optimum NIR transmission. At an aperture of f/2, the LS-785 is perfectly matched to .22 NA optical fibers and achieves up to 4x the throughput of a standard f/4 mirror-based spectrograph. With its fast AR-coated compound lenses from our Acton Optics group and a custom gold-coated grating, the LS-785 provides the highest throughput and best imaging commercially available for the NIR. The LS-785 also includes micrometer-controlled grating rotation, allowing users to access the NIR between 750 nm and 1100 nm. Read More