Espectrometros Raman Isoplane


IsoPlane SCT 320

The IsoPlane SCT 320 spectrograph combines extraordinary imaging with outstanding spectral performance. The patentend, advanced optical design has zero astigmatism and reduced coma and spherical aberration across the entire focal plane, increasing spatial and spectral resolution dramatically over traditional Czerny-Turner spectrographs. Large-diameter optics and interchangeable triple-grating turrets permit operation from the UV to Mid-IR even at low light levels and a variety of spectral resolutions. Read More


IsoPlane 160 Spectrometer

The IsoPlane 160 spectrometer brings Princeton Instruments’ award-winning IsoPlane SCT-320 performance to a new, smaller platform. The IsoPlane 160 is the first compact spectrometer that provides outstanding imaging, high spectral resolution and excellent light-gathering power from the vacuum UV to the mid-IR without compromises. The IsoPlane 160 is ideally suited for multifiber spectroscopy and can resolve dozens of spatially separate spectral channels without crosstalk. Read More